Shipping policy

We can include all transportation from the factory to your front door in our quote. We will need your postal code on your quote request to provide this shipping estimate. Once manufacturing is complete and the exact weight and volume of your order are known, all shipping costs will be finalized. If you prefer to handle shipping through your own carrier, we can also quote you a price without all of the above. We always look for the best combination of speed and budget when arranging transport. All shipping is done at actual cost. We do not markup shipping costs for our customers, so you will always be getting the best shipping rates available. Cost for tariffs, Customs fees and Customs inspections are not included in our quotes and are generally paid separately in the destination country prior to release from Customs.

We work with different carriers to negotiate the lowest possible costs for either air freight or ocean freight. The costs for shipping, especially by ocean, can fluctuate throughout the year depending on demand for shipping due to holiday periods and the world economy. Because of these fluctuations, shipping quotes may only be guaranteed for 15-30 days.