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What We do and how we do it

Comic Merch OEM process

What types of Merch do we mainly manufactured:

Custom comic merch types: keychina、acrylic standee、Cards, bookmarks, photo frame, liquid quicksand acrylics, commemorative coins, badges

What’s the minimum number of the order:

The Factory custom molded merch for clients worldwide.  Our minimum order is just 500 pieces.If you have a special quantity request we are willing to provide you with a solution.

What is our materia?

Our majority of merch use acrylic, polyester(PET), polyvinylchloride (PVC), metal (stainless steel, tin, zinc alloy, copper, iron) materials to make commodities. Read More

Normally we choose materials according to clients’ requirements and budget.

The Merch OEM Process

Mold making and Merch manufacturing

Based on the information and images you provide, we will determine the production process and production flow into a print file or mold file based on the product characteristics and material requirements, and start making the product mold or printed stencil. The cost of the sample will vary with the complexity and the material processing required for production.

Regardless any design blueprint and creation of your merchandise, we will share all the processes with you (you want all the information) before we begin. Changes can be made until you are satisfied and approve the design, and all changes are made at no additional cost and without ordering obligations. Pre-production samples for your final design are fully manufactured prior to approval. If you decide that you are not ready to proceed with production, then the sample remains yours.


our ur acrylic, PVC, and metal ‘s material goods upfront sample cost and mold cost required will be very low. It depends on the process and requirements of the product.

Acrylic goods: Acrylic goods do not require mold costs, we use the printing + CNC cutting and other processes, so that acrylic goods have high quality and low cost art goods,Learn More

PVC goods: Compared to most plastic vendors, PVC soft plastic goods have lower mold cost and faster production cycle. Learn more.

Metal goods: Depending on the product and material characteristics, the production of metal products requires the making of relevant molds, using casting and filling, polishing and other processes. Read more.

The usual production time for any item is 20-30 days - again, depending on the quantity and complexity of each design - and once produced, delivery time is approximately 20-40 days by sea, while air freight can take anywhere from 2-10 days, depending on the shipping company.

If you require an expedited order, you can reduce the full production time by approximately 30%, but additional charges may apply.

Manufacturing Costs

The price of each item varies depending on design, size and quantity. We will try to limit these costs as much as possible without sacrificing quality.

Our quotes estimate estimated tooling and manufacturing costs. If you include your zip code and country in your quote request, we will also estimate shipping costs. It is very difficult to accurately calculate shipping weight and volume prior to production, but we can usually give you a rough idea of the final cost of getting your merch to your doorstep or loading dock. When you complete your order, we will have a firm quote based on the actual measured weight and cubic volume of the shipment. We work with different carriers to negotiate the lowest cost for air or ocean freight. Shipping costs, especially ocean freight, fluctuate throughout the year, depending on holiday periods and the demand for shipping in the world economy. Due to these fluctuations, shipping quotes may only be guaranteed for 15-30 days.

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Minimum quantity: PVC plastic is 500 pieces, Acrylic is 500 pieces, Metal is 1000 pieces