8 Simple Steps: How to Craft a Metal Badge

Today we share with you the whole detailed process of producing a metal badge,

As who know, there are many kinds of badges, here use 8 steps to tell you how a badge is born

① Design of badge drawing.

Provide the design drawing to the factory, the mold structure designer converts it into 3D effect drawing according to the plan, this process can be adjusted.

② Make badge mold :

Import the confirmed mold drawing into the fine engraving machine program.

Adjust the path of the engraver at the equipment for carve the mold. During the carving process, we should pay attention to the thickness of the knife pattern, and compare the mold with the drawing after carving to see if there is any missing, and finally heat treat the mold to strengthen the hardness and durability of the mold.

make metal embryo for the badge:

We will used The heat-treated die is installed on the stamping equipment workbench.
We use the stamping machine to imprint the pattern on the metal material?

 cutting metal embryo 

Using the pre-made cutting knife mold, according to the appearance and shape of the product,
Use the stamping device to cut the metal material with the finished pattern depressed (Step 3).

⑤ Polishing:

 The cut metal embryo is put into the polishing equipment for polishing the edge to remove the burr on the edge and improve the finish of the product.

⑥Welding parts :

Weld the standard parts of the badge or the parts requested by customers on the back of the product.

⑦ Plating and coloring.

Plating the badge according to the customer's requirement, can be gold plated, silver plated, nickel plated, red copper plated, etc.

nickel plating, red copper plating, etc.; then coloring the badge.

After coloring, high temperature baking is done to strengthen the color fastness.

⑧ Quality inspection and packaging.

Each product is subject to quality inspection before shipment.

Qualified packaging into bags, unqualified for rework.


Through these stepsA complete badge that meets customer requirements is born!

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