Some work details: How do we guarantee quality and delivery for our customers

As anyone know, any merch items are made very carefully and the printing color is very important. So usually my clients and I do this.

Do you have any better suggestions? We can all do it.


1. When we receive the design from the customer, we will give our production designers to confirm all the design files and create the production files and produce the effect files (some customers have already produced the effect files, so we will omit this part). In the effect file we will basically clarify every small detail and every plug-in make process requirements. 

2. if very cautious customers we will make a real sample, the sample is based on the design requirements of the production of the standard real samples. And when the sample through the customer (your side) after the audit, we can start the formal mass production. Of course, there are some costs involved in this process. The specific cost will be based on the product size and process requirements.And the sample production time about is 7 working days to complete.

3. Sometimes, I have some customers that will consider thereal sample as non-essential. We have a method to calibrate the color of our printing according to the color displayed on the display of Apple devices (MacBook, ipad, etc.). When the color is calibrated by this method, we can also create a pre-production sample to send to you prior to mass production. We can also send you a pre-production sample before mass production for final confirmation. Of course, this is usually done to confirm the production process, not the color of the print. Because we use offset printing, the equipment used is Heidelberg 9-color printing equipment.

4. in addition to the 2 and 3 points, in the whole process, I will often report the production progress for you to keep in communication with you, and in the printing time to use the cell phone for you to shoot the color of the film printing, so you can see the color and details of the product at a distance first time.

5, about the starting quantity: because we mainly use offset printing equipment, so we recommend the starting quantity is more than 1k is the best number, of course, the more the number of costs will be lower.

6, production cycle: and the production cycle is usually in 15 working days, complex products and sales season production cycle is usually 20-25 working days, if the number of products production cycle will also be adjusted according to the situation. But in any case, we are able to cooperate to the customer's sales plan. (But for quality assurance, please do set aside sufficient production time), and these are not fixed.

7, about the price, according to the product design and process, size requirements of different, the price will be different. However, we are a direct factory and have worked with very many brands and publishers (Sanrio, Haragami, IPM, etc.), so we are able to offer you competitive prices, and you are welcome to ask me about the price of each different item

8,  about transportation: according to experience, just samples of the courier fee usually price in about 100-200CNY, depending on the address and product weight and size to determine, the transport time is usually 4-7 working days, we will choose FedEx, DHL and other express services for customers.we according to the actual shipping cost to receive your money.

   Bulk transport: For bulk shipping, we usually choose sea freight to Thailand, the specific price and time need to be evaluated according to the actual situation. If necessary, I can estimate the shipping price for you at each price quotation.


These are some of our working methods and processes, we hope they will help you to understand us. Thank you for your patience in read.