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What kind of products are suitable to be made into PVC soft plastic goods? What do we need to pay attention to when making PVC goods? What information do we need to provide to get a quote and production?What is the production process of PVC goods? What kind of PVC goods can we produce?

Here, PVC manufacturers take you through the production process of PVC goods quickly

1.  What kind of products are suitable to be made into PVC soft plastic goods?

PVC material is often used for all goods in life. For example, packaging bags and PVC pipes, etc. However, the focus here is on the application of PVC in the comic book industry.

PVC soft plastic comic goods are made of polyvinyl chloride powder, color paste, and oil blended into PVC emulsion, then the mold is placed on the automatic drip machine, filled with different color areas according to the design, and heated to solidify. The process is repeated depending on the process until the goods are formed.

Therefore, most of the anime merchandise can be made into pvc merchandise using pvc material.

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2. What do I need to pay attention to when making PVC products?

The main attention to the production of PVC goods: the process of mixing PVC emulsions and the process of making molds

1, PVC emulsion blending process needs to be adjusted to the design of the PVC color through the color paste, through the base color and other color paste according to the ratio into the customer's design of the Pantone color consistent with the color of the PVC emulsion. Therefore, the color paste master's experience is very important.

2, the production of the mold: PVC goods are filled with color through the mold after baking molding, so the PVC mold is very critical to the meticulous. In the mold, there will be a barrier between each different color, the main role is to prevent different colors mixed together in the production process.

3. What information do I need to get a quote and production?

We are glad that you want to ask us for quotation and production information. This means that you have chosen to trust us and are willing to start with a simple inquiry to deepen our cooperation.

Get a quote. We'd like you to provide us with a floor plan of your product design, colors, sizes, packaging requirements, and any other details you'd like to know. This helps us to calculate the cost more accurately.

Production files: We need you to provide us with vector drawings of your product in PDF, AI, PSD, etc. If we need to produce 3D three-dimensional PVC goods, we also need five-sided or three-dimensional drawings.

We are keen to get more detailed requirements from our customers, as we are able to do this as a basic requirement for product quality.

4. What is the process of making PVC goods

making PVC goods.jpg

5. What kind of PVC goods we can produce.

As a production company with 13 years of experience operating in comic merchandise, we have a wealth of management experience and production experience

And our engineering and production teams are made up of professional managers with over 30 years of experience in the industry, so we are able to do almost most PVC merchandise.

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