2 key focus for you to control the quality check and color check of acrylic gifts manufacturer

Two key points to help you control the acrylic product color inspection and quality confirmation,Let you know more about offset printing acrylic products

We use offset printing for acrylic, main has 2 batch production procedures; One is batch printing, because the use of large Heidelberg printing equipment, so one main costs of the product is the cost of printing. The other cost the acrylic material cost. of course has other costs, too: labor and other auxiliary materials and equipment,(But that's not the focus.

The focus is on two key links: 1、color confirmation before mass printing and process ,2、quality confirmation before mass production. These help avoid unnecessary waste.

In bulk orders, usually we will print in bulk after confirming the printing is correct (usually mainly confirming the color); After the printing confirmation, we will still make a final sample before mass production for the customer's confirmation (by take photos or send express delivery).. This step is used to confirm that the production process and final effect are consistent with the customer's requirements. However, when it comes to this production step, it is usually some process problems that can be changed: for example, Edge and bronzing and other production process and packaging details adjustment issues. Even the acrylic material can be replaced, but in this step the offset image has been printed in bulk.

Of course,the customers will also choose to make samples first. Through the sample order can also be confirmed by the final effect of the product, acrylic samples usually we are charged 800-1800 CNY sample cost/design, specific will be based on the design of the quantity and process requirements of pricing.

In sample orders, we try our best to cooperate with customers to make corresponding samples, so as to facilitate customers to confirm the effect of the product, or adjust the design; Or adjustments in future bulk orders

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