How to start customizing metal goods

Metal goods are very durable and beautiful, and are very popular among people. So, how to start customizing metal goods? What metal materials are used to make metal items? Can my design be made into a metal item? How do I get a quote and samples? How long will it take to get the item?

Here you will get the answers.

1. How do start customizing metal goods?

Have you figured out what kind of product you're going to make, a key chain, before you get started? A bottle opener? Refrigerator magnet? A picture frame? Button etc
Then you need to share your design pictures and ideas with us, we can come up with relevant solutions for you

Usually, before the formal production of custom metal, we will clarify the production process according to the design and customer's idea, and make relevant process disassembly drawings to provide the customer with confirmation.

Once all the production information is communicated, the next step is the manufacturing process. We will start making the molds for the metal goods and start arranging the production process such as printing, color filling, polishing and packaging according to the different products and processes.

When the manufacturing process is finished, it is time to ship the products.

It is worth noting that: different products will have different processes; enamel process, baking process, drip process, casting process, etc. To know the specific process of your product, contact us for free and get more detailed information

2. What metal materials are used to make metal commodities?

Metal crafts can have a lot of metal materials, common materials are zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, according to different product characteristics and requirements, the use of the corresponding materials.
For more details, please contact us for a free consultation

3. Can my design be made into a metal commodity?

Generally speaking, most designers can make metal goods, you can learn some of my manufacturing cases in our gallery.
If you need a case that is not shown in our case library, please contact us for free access to similar cases or production solutions

4. Before everything starts, you can get a free quote and sample from us

1. price

When you want getting a quote we would like you to provide us with a blueprint of your design, we would like to know the size of your design, the color, the production process and fabrication process that may be used, and your packaging requirements and shipping requirements.

This information is used to calculate the production cost of the product in the production process. To calculate the price for you accurately.

2. Samples

You can get free samples of similar cases from us or ask us to make real samples based on the design to confirm the quality and process of the product.

We can produce real samples for you quickly, the real sample production process is usually completed in 7-10 working days.

Samples of similar cases are usually free of charge, you only need to pay for shipping costs to get them.

5.  How long does it take to get the goods?

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and we will usually quote you the shipping time by shipping and ocean freight.

Depending on the weight of the goods and the budget, or according to the customer's request we can arrange/choose sea or air freight for you.

Usually the production cycle of metal goods is 20-25 days, and the shipping time is estimated according to the actual receiving address.

Therefore, when you ask us, you can give us your postal code number and shipping address to get the shipping time.

Shipping time may vary depending on the address of the recipient, so you can ask us for free advice on shipping costs and shipping time.