notice of make acrylic merch

Custom acrylic merchandise types: Keychain, standee,holder, standee, picture frame, bookmark, refrigerator magnets, cup mat, liquid quicksand acrylic, souvenirs, creative acrylic products.More Related products

What’s The Minimum Quantity Of The Order:

Acrylic merch Factory custom for clients worldwide.  We have all kinds of printing equipment and cutting equipment, we can meet any needs.

What Is Our Materia?

Normally we use certified environmental protection acrylic materials to make comic acrylic commodities, if who have special requirements for acrylic sheet, we can also purchase the relevant raw materials for you and provide the relevant material report. Read more

Normally we choose materials according to client's requirements . 

Production Data

Based on the information and imagery that you provide,We accept vector graphics files such as PSD and AIour engineering department will review all the production data and confirm all the details.Then we start  make sample.

Acrylic Merch not need to make molds, we use offset printing or UV printing, combined with CNC cutting process will be acrylic cutting molding, in the production process will have a protective film to protect the acrylic, to avoid damage to the acrylic. and,When the acrylic is cut and cleaned, the inspection team will inspect the acrylic and the perfect product will enter our packaging or assembly process and be packaged and shipped according to the customer's packaging/shipping requirements.

Usually the delivery time of the sample is 5-7 working days.  The scale production time will be determined according to the number of products, and the usual delivery time is 15-20 working days


As a manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the industry, we has imported German Heidelberg printing presses and UV printing equipment, hundreds of CNC cutting machines and laser cutting machines, unique bonding technology, and a well-managed production process to ensure that we can produce a beautiful product for our customers.

Our professional engineering team and sales staff can answer any technical and production questions for our customers, and we can make production suggestions and production plans for your sales plan, even if you have only one order or just a consultation, we can professionally answer any questions for you.

Acrylic Merch Manufacturing Costs

The price of each acrylic commodity varies with its craft, size and quantity.  Acrylic merch not need to make mold, can quickly and low-cost production of samples. The cost of acrylic commodities is mainly the cost of materials and technology. So, production of high clears acrylic merch and a high level of assembly production technology is our core competitiveness

Our quotation can calculate the cost from the confirmed original design and production requirements. We can provide rapid product samples and mass production delivery, provide professional answers to any product related professional information, and even provide freight service fees